SCR Screen Recorder Latest Version Download on Android

SCR Screen Recorder is for you to record what is being displayed on your device screen. Just access the app by simply pushing the button once and make your work done with this cool recording tool super easily. This is an Android application whose main function is screencast recording. It can capture the screen of your device along with its sound in its original quality. Further, it lets you do various kind of modifications using various encoder types, resolution options, and also with diverse sound sources. With my first-hand experience, I could say that SCR Screen Recorder is the best screen recording tool available on the Android market to get an excellent output with the use of very little resources.

SCR screen recorder
SCR screen recorder

Now you may be curious to know how it differs from other screen recording tools. If so, just cope with the below-given list of features of this handy tool to know whether this app suits to your device as well. But do keep in mind that to get the fullest potential of this app, you have to have a rooted Android device.

Features of SCR Screen Recorder

  • Records the real-time in-game and in-app sounds. As it records the system sounds, you won’t experience any quality loss in them.
  • You can also add your own notes through the microphone. By adding commentaries through the microphone, you can share extra knowledge with the viewers of your videos. This is done by the internal mic option on the app.
  • Through front-facing camera on your Android device, you can share your real-time emotions along with the video by just moving the camera overlay without hindering the important control on the mobile.
  • As this app works under the donations, it is free but not with any annoying and thwarting ads.
  • The settings on the SCR Screen recorder provides you with many customization options, stability stats, many options to optimize the performances of the app.
SCR Screen Recorder Screenshots
SCR Screen Recorder Screenshots

Why can’t you see SCR Screen Recorder on Play Store?

This is a hampering question among many Android users. Usually, we can see many screen recording tools in the Android market. But why SCR Screen Recorder doesn’t? Yes. This is a matter to think. Now, this apk distributes as direct apks through various sites including our main site. But it has taken out from Google Play Store. One of the main reasons for this is because of the way of using SELinux permissive mode. This app also gives access to record the system sounds. Also, it uses various unofficial APIs and encoder types. That is why rooted Android devices are best recommended for this app and these are the key reasons for the unavailability of SCR Screen Recorder on the Google Play Store.

Download and Install SCR Screen Recorder on Android

SCR Screen Recorder Apk Download

  1. Download SCR Screen Recorder apk from our official site.
  2. Go to device settings, tap on security button and turn on “Unknown sources” option.
  3. Then, open the downloaded apk file from the “Downloads” folder.
  4. Click on “install” option and wait until the installation completes.
  5. Then open the app and start recording everything that appears on your device screen.