Viper4Android Download on Android versions from Ice cream Sandwich to Oreo

Music listening has now become one of our daily habits which we have used to take an earphone with us everywhere we go. So a soothing music can do a great job with our brain and in my point of view, music is the best stress-releaser. Your Android smartphone cannot itself gives you the best music streaming experience. Due to various internal operations of the device, the sound quality of your fav music may damage. But don’t worry. Here you have Viper4Android for free download which is the choice of many audiophiles. All those who show an enthusiasm in sound reproduction and all those who love music listening recommend Viper4Android to  let you enjoy your favorite music tracks in the best way you could.


What is Viper4Android?

Viper4Android is a module than an app. You should have a rooted Android device for the installation of this app. This app can engage in various operations to offer you with the best music listening experience. The various operations that this app can do include Convolver, Tube Simulator, playback gain control, channel pan, Reverberation, Field Surround, Differential Surround, Cure tech and so on. Viper4Android is the best way to boost up your music app without spending a single penny. The best thing is that the compatibility of this application. It is so wide that it can even work with the latest oreo version. The development of this tool is ceaseless that it always bring new features with new updates.

Viper4android Apk Download

The official method of downloading and installing the Viper4Android

Viper4Android Free
Viper4Android Free

Requires an Android device of version 4.0 or above. This is a third-party application. Therefore you won’t be able to download this apk from the Google Play Store.

  1. As the very first step, you should need to root your device. (if it is not rooted yet)
  2. After that download a file explorer which can have the root access.
  3. Then edit the build.prop.
  4. After making the relevant changes, download the Viper4Android apk.
  5. If this apk is downloaded to a different device then extract it to your Android device and install the apk.
  6. After that, open the app and grant root access permissions.
  7. Choose “Yes”  for call driver installation request.
  8. Finally, reboot your device.

If not then you can use the Magisk Manager to install the Viper4Android module to your device.

Features of Viper4Android

  • Boosts the Hi-Fi audio-quality on your earphones.
  • The integrated FET compressor is beneficial to enhance the audio signals.
  • Bass lovers, you have the bass mode on this app.
  • It protects you from harms and defects to your ears with toning down effects.
  • Optimizes the speakers of your device.
  • To let you experience more natural, soothing and warmer tones, this app stimulates the class A amplifier.
  • Use high frequency to make music lossless.
  • Balances the heavy bass and deep audio.
  • You can enjoy sound effect in high fidelity with the Viper-DDC feature.
  • FIREqualizer option to respond with 10-band finite impulse.

Much more features and options are available on this application to enhance your music listening experience. So it is up to you to enjoy the best music in the world with the best equalizer in the world which is Viper4Android by Zhuhang of XDA forum.